Wrecker services involve everything that one thinks of when they imagine a towing company. They include car and motorcycle towing, wreck clearing, and roadside assistance. Our wrecker services involve a variety of things. Ultimately, any towing service or heavy hauling will involve one of our wreckers. We have different sizes and styles of wreckers to handle a variety of situations, so when you contact us for a wrecker service, we will ask a few questions to help us be better prepared to serve you. The last thing we want to do is arrive with the wrong wrecker.

Wrecker Styles
From the old winch-line trucks to the modern flat, roll away wreckers, we have a variety of styles. We will ask a few questions about the vehicle style, condition, and location to be as prepared as possible and make certain that we deploy the right wrecker for the situation. Our semi-truck wreckers are not suited for a motorcycle or small car, and our roll away wreckers are not equipped to haul a semi. Therefore, we want to make sure that we are ready to work when we arrive at your location, so you aren’t waiting for us to bring in a new wrecker.

There are few locations that we can’t tow out of. Most of our wreckers have winch lines that can drag vehicles out of spots, and our drivers are usually equipped with the tools and knowledge to start or run your car. If your car does not run, then we can slip it into neutral and use a winch line to pull it into a spot with more ease of access. For extremely tight locations, we will have to get creative, but we are generally prepared to get your vehicle out of any spot.

Tow Away Services
Business owners that have designated parking spots for their customers can call us to provide tow away services. We can be to most businesses in a prompt timeframe to ensure the vehicle is towed away and frees up the spot for customer parking. If your business is interested in developing a long-term relationship with our tow away services, then contact us to see what we can do to provide a wrecker on a regular basis around the area. We do not enjoy towing away vehicles for parking in the wrong spot, but we value following the rules and respecting property rights.

Harm Free
We do not hurt your vehicle or damage it when we tow it. Our equipment enables us the ability to remove vehicles with as much respect as possible. Capital Towing DC has professional drivers who know where to hook up the winch line and how to properly chain down your vehicle once it is loaded onto the back of our trucks. Your vehicle is as precious to us as it is to you and we will treat it with the respect that you deserve. Therefore, our crews will always follow the hook and towing guidelines laid down before them.