Roadside assistance is all-encompassing. It includes everything from flat tires to full towing. If you need your locks popped open, we are there. If you need a flat tire changed, we can help. If you are a trucker in need of truck repair, we do that too. No matter what the roadside assistance may entail, we have crew who are willing to tackle it. You may not think about a towing company doing anything besides hauling vehicles down the road, but we go above and beyond by providing a myriad of roadside assistance.

Truck Repair
We have certified staff who know how to analyze and repair trucks. Granted, we will be limited to repairs that can be done on the side of the road. However, we will do everything possible to get your truck up and running so that you can be on your way. Sometimes trucks that need more serious repairs can be run long enough to limp to a certified diesel mechanic. Our crews can help make this happen. We have expert problem-solvers who will devote as much time as necessary to get your truck repaired. If we can’t repair it, then we will tow it to someone who can.

Car Repair
As long as you don’t need a complete engine rebuild, we can do minor car repairs as part of our roadside assistance. Capital Towing DC has certified and knowledgeable employees who can provide minor repairs and assistance. We will provide this as a primary service instead of jumping straight into offering a tow. Every effort will be put into trying to repair your car when we arrive for roadside assistance. Our repair efforts will be limited depending on the model of the car, and the severity of the issue, but we will do everything in our wheelhouse.

Knowledgeable Employees
We devote time on a weekly basis to educating and training our employees. There is nothing worse than dealing with an incompetent professional. Of course, an incompetent professional is a bit of an oxy-moron since professional implies a total working-knowledge of one field of expertise. That is what we demand from our workers. We want our field personnel to arrive on site and immediately know what to do. After all, we are providing roadside assistance jump start service as the experts who are supposed to know exactly what needs done in every situation.

Vehicle Towing
If all else fails and we can’t repair your vehicle, then we will have to tow it. Most of the time we will tow it back to our lot. However, some insurance coverage and payment methods will enable us to tow it to designated mechanics or locations. We can discuss this once we arrive and have you safe and warm in one of our tow trucks. If we are unable to tow your vehicle to a mechanic, then we will take it back to our yard. Late night tows will almost always result in your vehicle being towed to our yard.