Flat tire services, that we provide, are all-encompassing and all day long. We will help change your flat tire and get your spare installed. Or we can try a quick fix with some flat-repair goo that is squirted into your tire. If you don’t have a spare, then we can discuss your situation to determine how we can best assist you. All flat tire services are part of our repertoire when we provide roadside assistance. There is no time that Capital Towing DC is not prepared to answer your call and arrive for flat tire service.
Changing a Tire
Whether you have never changed a tire before or are very knowledgeable but lacking the tools to change your tire in the location that you are in, we can help. We will not judge or treat your problem any less seriously than others. A flat tire is delaying you and that is important to us. Your time is precious, and we will not be slow in providing roadside assistance for changing a flat tire. If you have never changed a tire before and want to learn how, most of our field personnel will take the time to teach you depending on how busy they are for the day.
The infamous fix-a-flat is the slimy chemical that can be used to provide a quick fix for a leaking tire. If your tire is completely flat, this will not work. However, a leaking tire can sometimes be saved long enough for you to drive to a tire store for a complete fix. Our tow company can apply the fix-a-flat and lockout assistance if you are worried that you are leaking air and are uncertain what to do. If you have a new vehicle, then you likely have a compressor installed that can blow out both air and fix-a-flat.
If we have the time to educate you, then our crews will usually dedicate time to do so. Other calls that are backed up will require our crews to work quickly and efficiently to fix your flat, so they can go help someone else who is waiting for our emergency roadside assistance. However, most of the time our crews will devote time to educate you on proper tire changing techniques and even help you understand how to use the air compressor in that new vehicle that you have. Just ask the drivers and they will let you know what they can do.
Proper Techniques
Changing a tire shouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes for someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Our drivers are all very knowledgeable and will have you on the road within 30 minutes once they arrive. Of course, if you have outlying circumstances, such as; towing a heavy trailer, in a location with limited access, and have rusted bolts, then this can vary just a little bit. However, most of the time we will have you on the road within 30 minutes upon our initial arrival.